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Learning One Move to Improve Your BJJ Tournament Success

by Jiu Jitsu Minnesota on 05/24/11

Learning takedowns for use in Jiu Jitsu tournaments is extremely important for competitive success. Disagree? Consider first that all submission grappling matches start standing up and second most schools teach few if any stand up techniques. Being good with takedowns means that you will start almost all matches with a 2-0 lead and with the advantage of being on top!

The first School I attended didn't teach any stand up techniques so I had to turn to the internet to discover takedowns. After searching for a while I came across a website offering Judo takedowns for use in BJJ. I enrolled in the website and started practicing the throws after class with my teammates. It was during this time I learned a valuable secret to the BJJ standup game: most players spend so much time working on Jiu Jitsu moves that they never learn anything standing up!

While this doesn't seem like much of a revelation, the videos I had been watching taught a basic grip fighting system. Grip fighting is the where a player grips his opponent's lapels. After I would get a grip of the opponent's lapel, most Jiu Jitsu players lose confidence and pull guard! By learning one technique from I was able to start almost all matches up either 2-0 or at least on the top inside of my opponent's guard.

This is what I would consider the #1 tip for early tournament success: learn basic grip fighting and ride it to an advantage at the beginning of each match! One stand-up move can really make a difference.

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