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WEC Vet Courtney Buck Interview

by Jiu Jitsu Minnesota on 05/19/11

Everybody has always known you for your devastating striking, but your last 2 out of 3 fights you won by submission. Is your ground game something you have been focusing a lot on lately?
To be quite honest I still consider myself quite the novice when it comes to the ground game, but its been something that's I've been focusing on for awhile.

Do you train gi or no gi?
I train no gi, but I understand the advantage in gaining better technique when it comes to training with a gi, but because I'm pretty much learning on the job, I focus on training with no gi.

How important do you think having a solid ground game in mma is?
Having a solid ground game is ESSENTIAL to surviving in MMA, especially in todays game with potential opponents having almost a lifetime of experience in the art. I feel especially for strikers having a solid ground game will basically force one's opponents to stand up with you, giving you the advantage.

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